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Alignable is here to make networking more efficient for you, and just like networking in-person, first impressions matter, especially when it comes to referrals. Below you’ll find easy-to-follow steps to complete your trusted business profile, which will serve as your “first impression” when networking with fellow business owners here on Alignable. If you're looking to edit other parts of your Alignable Profile, check out this article. Let’s go!

  1. Make your brand visible:

    Images are vital to making sure that your profile is noticed. At a minimum, you will need to upload your logo and banner image. This is the only way other businesses will be able to start viewing your profile. Here are a couple of articles that help you do just that:

  2. Display key information about your business:

    It is important to let other businesses in your community understand who you are, what you do, and where you have come from. The more information that you provide, the better the referrals you will get! Here is a quick article to help you out:

  3. Add tags to help businesses find you:

    Tags on your profile are meant to allow you to make more meaningful local connections on Alignable. When you add tags relating to what your business does and what it is about, our system will use these to show you businesses in your community who relate to your business and thus allow you to create more meaningful connections and thus referrals for your business. Here is an article to help you with this process:

  4. Update your products & services

    Make sure to fill out the Products & Services section of your profile as they will be shared with your Alignable Network and all nearby businesses via the “Word of Mouth” page. If there is another business in your community that is interested in your products or services, they can search within this page to find them. The more and better-looking your products and services the more people will find your business and thus create more referrals for your business as well. Here is an article which outlines how to do this:

  5. Make sure your contact information is current

    One of the most important sections of your profile is the contact information section. In this section, you can add your website, a phone number, a link to your Business website/Facebook page and your business address. When you first create your account, some of this information may be already filled out depending on if you connected your Facebook Business Page to your profile. Here are a few articles to help you with this process.

  6. Post your events & promotions

    When you add an event or promotion onto your profile, it will be shared with every one of your connections on Alignable. It will also be shared with everyone in your Community via the “Word of Mouth” page and the “My Community” pages. There, businesses in your community can view the events and promotions being held by your business during a specific time period. Here is an article that will help with this:

  7. Start getting recommended

    Recommendations are one of the main drivers of referrals on Alignable. When you have recommendations on your profile, other Alignable members can see that you are trusted and referred by other local businesses in your community and will be even more attracted to contact and potentially hire your business. Here are some articles to help you get recommended:

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