What happens when I upload my LinkedIn contacts to Alignable?

Most people have a good amount of contacts on LinkedIn. But with so many people to keep track of, managing your contacts can become time-consuming and confusing. As a business owner, what you need to know is which contacts of yours are business owners as well, instead of scrolling through hundreds of contacts trying to find them one by one.

Well, good news! Alignable can do that for you. By uploading your LinkedIn contacts to Alignable, we can show you which ones are business owners, plain and simple. Furthermore, we can show you which of those business owners are already on Alignable.

A few of the most compelling reasons Alignable members upload their LinkedIn contacts include:

  • To connect with those contacts already on Alignable and access their networks
  • Invite existing contacts to join Alignable to network in a more professional setting
  • Get re-connected with old prospects/people you've been trying to connect with for a while

But don't just take our word for it, check out Alignable members like Danielle who have had tremendous success connecting her contacts:

So what happens when you upload your LinkedIn contacts to Alignable and how do you do it? Let's find out! It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

1 . Go to this link to request your Archive File from LinkedIn: 


This link will take you to your LinkedIn account where you can get an archive. To download your LinkedIn Address Book, click on "Connections" as seen in the image below. Click on "Request Archive".

LinkedIn may ask you to verify your LinkedIn password, as shown below. Once you enter your password, click on the "Done" button.

Once you confirm your password, the below "Saved" confirmation will appear and the button will turn gray. This means that LinkedIn will send you an email so that you can download the archive. 



LinkedIn will then email you your contacts, which may take a minute or two. If you're using Gmail, make sure to check all of your mail tabs, including "social" and "promotions" if you don't see the email in your "primary" tab.

The actual email from LinkedIn will look like this. Click the "download it with this link" to access your contact data.

That link will bring you back to LinkedIn, where you can download your data! Just click the "download" button.

The download should just take a few seconds, and once complete you can move the downloaded folder to your desktop. It will look as follows:

From here, head back to Alignable and click the "Upload Button" as seen below:

Select your LinkedIn file and click the "open" button.

When you click "open" we'll then start uploading your contacts for you.

As we upload your contacts, we'll automatically match them against our database of millions of business owners.

After a few seconds, we'll then show you all of the businesses you already know and are connected with!

From there, you're 100% in control. You can "connect" with the contacts already on Alignable by clicking "connect" which will send them a connection request on Alignable.

We'll also show you the business owners you know, not on Alignable yet.

To invite them, simply click the "invite" button next to their information, or click the "Add All Your Contacts" to easily invite all.

This will send an invite to your contacts on your behalf, asking them to join you in networking on Alignable. When contacts you invite join Alignable, we automatically ask them to recommend you too as an added bonus!

That's it, you're done and your network is now growing automatically! If you have any questions about this process, send us a message herehttp://alignable.com/biz/messages/alignable

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