How can I merge two accounts I created?

If you're looking for information on merging duplicate business accounts and bringing multiple members of staff to the same account, follow this link:

How can I merge two or more duplicate business accounts on Alignable?

If you're looking for information on merging duplicate personal accounts for the same business, here's what we suggest:

1) Between the accounts, which one do you feel has the least amount of progress regarding profile and referrals (Connections, Recommendations, Activity, etc.)? As accounts cannot be merged at this time, and information cannot be transferred between accounts, we suggest deleting the one that has the least amount of progress.

2) Once you decide which account to remove, you can see how to deactivate it here, or reach out to your Community Manager to deactivate the duplicate account for you via the link below:

If you have other questions on how to do this, you can reach out to your Community Manager by clicking here.

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