Can I add recommendations from external sources to my profile?

Since all recommendations on Alignable are accredited and must come from other businesses there is no way to import non-Alignable recommendations.

Having recommendations on our site allows you to be more visible to your community while showing your legitimacy! We encourage users to only recommend businesses that they have had previous experience with. Also, keep in mind that a connection is not a recommendation. To ensure quality connections, recommendations, and networking, you can always view a business's profile to review what they are all about and if the connection would be mutually beneficial.

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Not to worry though, we've made it easy to find the businesses owners you already know on Alignable by importing your existing network.

Here's a quick video that'll show you how to do that:

To invite people that have reviewed your company in the past to join Alignable so they can give you their recommendation, you can do that by clicking here.

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