My email does not work on Alignable.

While all emails are accepted for sign-in purposes, we can't automatically generate a list of people you know that you can connect with on Alignable from just any email address!

That said, we offer a number of great ways to connect your networks and connect with the businesses you know and trust!

1) If you have a Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL email you can use the following link:

2) You can also connect your existing LinkedIn network to Alignable here:

3) You can also send individual emails to specific people you want to invite to Alignable in the following link:

There are a few other great ways to connect your existing network. In option #3 you can share your custom join link by emails or social media and other options.

No matter what option(s) you choose you are 100% on the right track. Trusted networks lead to referrals and all the other great benefits you get here on Alignable. Go without a network however and your results will be sub-par (it would be like showing up at a chamber of commerce event..and being the only one there).

If you have further questions, you can message your Community Manager via the link below:

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