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How do I add a photo of myself or my staff?

Adding photos of yourself and your staff is a great way to make your profile more personal and will increase the likelihood that fellow business owners will reach out to you, as it is always nice to put a face to a business.

Navigate to your profile by either clicking "Profile" in the left-hand menu or from the dropdown in the upper right. Scroll down to the section that reads "Our Team".

Click the blue "Edit ____" button under your name or under the name of the employee whose photo needs to be added or updated. Once on the "Edit User" screen, click the blue "Upload Image" button to browse your computer's files for a photo to use. Please note: this photo needs to be square (182x182). 

Click "Update User" when you've updated the photo to save your changes. 


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    Joseph DeMaria

    There must be a glitch in this section for adding team members. I have added 22 of my associates, including their photos and where a First name and an Email address is required. The glitch occurs is when I, as the owner of this account, receives an email from someone responding to one of my requests, all of my associates receive the same email response.

    Since I have control of my associates email accounts and their email address contain their last NAME@MYCOMPANY.COM, I receive on my computer 22 responses to any email correspondence on my computer.

    Recommended resolutions:

    1) Fix this glitch internally; or

    2) Remove the requirement for a team member email address and just allow for their full name and photo.

    I look forward to your prompt response.

    Dr. DeMaria


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