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How do I add/edit/remove staff?

Navigate to your profile by either clicking "Profile" in the left-hand menu or from the dropdown in the upper right. Scroll down to the section that reads "Our Team".

To Add a Staff Member:
If you want to add a staff member to your business account, click the blue "+Add" button that appears in the upper right when you hover over this section.

In the "Add User" box, enter the staff member's name (first name is required), their email address, and a password for them to log in to Alignable. This staff member can update their password themselves from their "Account Settings" once they're logged in. If the staff member should not/does not want to receive Alignable emails, they can update their "Email Preferences" accordingly.

Click the blue "Create User" button after entering the required information to successfully add the staff member.

To Edit a Staff Member:
Click the blue "Edit _____" button underneath the photo of the staff member you'd like to edit. From the "Edit ____" box, you can update this person's name, title, email address, and photo. 

From here, you can also made this staff member, the "Face of the Business". This means that they are the primary account owner for your business page.

Make sure to click the blue "Update User" button to save any changes you made.

To Delete or Remove a Staff Member:
If a staff member is no longer a part of your business or no longer wants to be associated with your business's Alignable account, you can remove them from the same "Edit _____" box. Click the red "Delete" button to completely remove this user from the business page. 



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    Charlie Snyder

    The edit button is not working on the first staff in the Our Team section of my profile. The edit button does indeed work on all the other staff members, but of course, the one staff member that I need to delete, the edit button does not work. What can I do? I do not see any phone numbers or how to contact anyone at Alignable.

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