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What are the image sizes used in Alignable?

Images are restricted to certain sizes so that they look best on your Alignable profile.  

  • Logo and profile photo/headshot: 182 x 182 pixels
  • Banner/Header image: 1120 x 304 pixels
  • Promotion image: 580 x 362 pixels


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    David Fisher

    The image sizes do not work. I measured the size using screen capture and made my images match that size and the images still show up way too big and you tell me they are low res. They are images made in photoshop to exactly the size I measured.

    The sizes you do specify are not accurate and images I make to match those sizes also show up too big and I cannot reduce them in your software.

    You should say right on the input screen in question the image sizes you expect instead of my trial and error method which does not work.

    There is a difference in how you manage images from drag-n-drop and browse for the image - those two methods using the same image deliver different results.

    I have 25 years experience with this so it's not me.

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    Kris Lastition

    I agree.  It doesn't work.  No matter what I do,  it ends up being darker than the original, and the color is completely off.   I can resize it down to scale, but then it goes through something and it changes dark again. 

    It seems to only happen with the drag n drop browse for the image. 

    Is there a workaround?

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    Ditto. I kept resizing them and no matter what size I use, it still overlapped the white box. PLEASE FIX IT!! I don't want to keep wasting my time or I won't be using this site. Thanks!

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    1st Pro Inspection

    I'm having the same problem

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