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What is the Alignable town calendar ?

The Alignable town calendar is a marketing asset for Alignable members. It is a public listing of the events, promotions, products and services that you and other Alignable businesses in your town have added on the Promotions page. 

The Alignable town calendar serves as a single, public destination for local businesses to showcase events and special offers to stay top of mind in their community. 

It is automatically updated every time you add something new on the Promotions page (or an event/promotion you've added expires) and shareable with anyone. Click here to view your Alignable town calendar.

Alignable Town Calendar Snapshot

Click here to view this calendar live!

How do I get featured on the Alignable town calendar?

The calendar updates as businesses add Events & Promotions to their profile, which will increase your visibility, because it will show up closer to the top when consumers search for whats happening in "your"  town.

If all the businesses in your town adding your information and sharing your town calendar, you are exponentially increasing your exposure by working together!


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